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Modern and Futuristic Clubhouse Design Concept

Contemporary Clubhouse Design Model 
The owner wants a clubhouse that can be used as place to gather with family. Clubhouse area at the land in front of a complex that consisting of four lands that owned by the assignor. The existence of one-story clubhouse is designed for long-term, that today serves as the sport facility and family gathering. But in the future, this building can be converted to a retirement home for their parents.
Wonderful Clubhouse Design Theme 
Because of the clubhouse for together, then the spaces inside are designed large enough in which to have the flexibility, so that in the future is easier to change the function. For example, the space that originally used for the gym, then if the owner has retired, it will be the master bedroom. Clubhouse building design is quite simple. It is quite interesting from this project is how to bring a common architecture that designed in Jakarta, then applied to Kuching, Malaysia. Clubhouse building creates a new atmosphere in this area, because there are no projects around this building with similar architectural design.
Latest Clubhouse Design Gallery 
The functions of the space that will be presented includes: sport area together, gathering area, large dining room, swimming pool, gym, outdoor play area, barbeque area, and bedroom for guest. Pools for adult and children, placed in front of the building which also featured by stretch of grass garden that quite extensive. Besides the pool, at the rear and one side of the clubhouse, there is a reflecting pond.
Best Clubhouse Design Photo 
The owner wants the clubhouse can present atmosphere like in Bali. This was realized with outdoor shower and bathroom with semi outdoor atmosphere. Boundary between inner and outer space was designed very thin that also created to bring atmosphere outside into inside. The owner also wants the area in front of the swimming pool that finished with wood. Because it is on the outside and adjacent to the swimming pool, the architect proposes to use ironwood or marine resin. The owner is a local contractor and will seek the wood that has the same power as recommended by the architect.
Artistic Clubhouse Design Image 
Most of the walls are planted with vines to get cool spaces, considering this building is used from noon to night. In addition, the vines can present more comfortable atmosphere. If there is any artificial cooling, it will only use the ceiling fan. Owner asked for air circulation and light can be progressing well. If the day is not too hot, artificial cooling can be turned off, and the doors at the rear can be opened.
Interesting Clubhouse Design Layout 
The green architecture concept is applied to the use of the lattice of wood. By using the lattice, will create optimal cross ventilation. The use of roof that raised from the wall to create space that endorses energy efficient building concept, because of the large flow of wind at the location. In the front, there is guest bedroom that equipped with shower and public toilet. When the guests swim, they can use the public toilet. In addition, there is also a large pantry that also becomes the dining room together.
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Modern and Futuristic Hotel Design Concept

Futuristic Hotel Design Theme 
Successfully in developing the Lalu Hotel, in Taiwan, the owner plans to expand his hotel business network in Qingdao, China. In this new hotel, he wanted modern architecture feature blends with the coastal environment with the contour of pretty rocks.
Artistic Hotel Design Plans 
Hotel building will stand on the rocks with the land that jutted into the sea. Unlimited sea view and hills around it, will provide a memorable experience. The hotel is located in a country that has four seasons. Sometimes the season difference is quite extreme, especially when it comes winter, coupled with the sea breeze that is too tight.
Best Hotel Design Conctruction 
In addition, it’s important to think the tides to find out what percentage of land that lost at high tide. Including, the impact of global warming to find out how many yards the sea level will rise. This hotel has two different parts of the coast. The beach that at the top has the cliff and nice sand that the position is very sloping. The front of the hotel, such as the lobby was placed on the upper beach. While the under is divided into two, on the south coast, many coral that becomes rear of the hotel.
Traditional Hotel Design Concept 
Division of the building functions are also based on sunrise and sunset. At the top serves to accommodate many great activities to do from morning till noon. While the bottom, centered for the evening activities. The high temperature in this region, the main mass of this building is placed in the middle with view almost 360º. To utilize and respond climate site maximally, then the main building is divided into two facing, north and south, to maximize the use of the site and take a view 360º.
Luxury Hotel Design Ideas 
Space that created between the building mass used as a sterile zone to create activity space that not limited by season and extreme weather. The spaces in the middle can be categorized as a sterile zone of the season that quite extreme. When winter comes, in the middle zone serves to keep cold air from the sea, so that people can do many activities freely and comfortably. Swimming pool is designed semi-outdoor for consideration of site and temperature. Rooms at the hotel are divided into several types. Standard terrace (5.4x13m) there are 136 units, 1 bedroom (6x15m or 7x13m) there are 49 units, 2 bedroom (9×16.5m) there are 17 units, and 3 bedroom (12x20m) there are 5 units.
Latest Hotel Design Construction 
3 bedroom units are placed adjacent to the beach because these units usually will be used by the family. Expected with this treatment, the parents can easily supervise their children. This hotel is equipped with facilities, such as wedding chapel, restaurant, spa / sauna, bar, all day dining, banquet, and other facilities.
Sweet Hotel Design Picture 
Because it has beautiful landscape and without blocking, then the activity can be done anywhere. There are hills and the expanse of sea with charming beach. Anyway still get a view of Qingdao where it only takes an hour to the city by using the ferry.
Amazing Hotel Design Layout 
The most of rooms use wood materials that present a warm atmosphere, providing good contrast to site condition. All rooms view out to sea. The predominant building materials used wood, stone, and exposed concrete.
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